Sunday, September 21, 2008

Professional Escape Artist

Meet Mimi

On the outside, or to the uninformed person, Mimi looks like a very pretty, seemingly innocent black lab. Don't let appearances fool you! Mimi is a professional escape artist. Now, before you laugh, let me assure you I am not making this up. You can ask my dad. Mimi loves to be outside. Her two favorite things in life are being outside and getting petted (is that a word??). When we are in the house and I get up off the couch or walk from one room to the other, she assumes this means she gets to go outside. It's pretty funny actually, and I'm very fortunate that she enjoys being outside so much, especially in such a small house. The problem lies in the fact that Mimi has a severe case of "the grass is always greener..." I hate to keep her on the leash all the time, but if I don't she will find any and every way possible to get out of the yard. She drives me crazy with this. Especially because all she does once she gets out is stand on the other side of the fence and taunt the other two dogs, or run around to the front and wait for me to open the door and let her in. Seriously, this drives me crazy! As I type right now, she is off the leash in the backyard, and I'm crossing my fingers that she will still be in the yard when I go check on her.
The other two dogs we have are Tia and Beta. They are both sweet, and luckily not nearly as creative in getting out of the yard as Mimi is! I'll post pictures of Tia and Beta soon.

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