Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Update, and Yes, I'm still alive!

OK, so I started this blog with the intention of writing at least a couple of times a week, but we see how that turned out! I have made a deal with myself and I will definitely be updating more frequently. The past three times I have sat down to update, I realized my camera batteries were dead, so I had no pictures to download. Yes, I will look for an excuse anywhere! The thing is, I'm on the computer literally all day - both at work and frequently at home; so there's no good reason not to blog.
I have been thinking a lot about what I want my blog to really be about. I read quite a few other blogs, and they all seem to have some kind of theme, or are about journeys people are experiencing. I'm not big into copying other people, never have been, so that leaves me trying to figure out what to do. So, as the title of my blog says, I'm going to figure it out as I go. That's pretty much how I do everything else, so that shouldn't be too hard.
I have some pictures of cakes and cookies to post that I will get up as soon as I recharge the batteries in my camera. I also have many stories and experiences that happen to me through the day that I will get better about posting. However, for now, I must return to the exciting land of work and grade some papers and create agendas for my meetings the rest of this week. Don't be jealous - its not as exciting as it sounds! :)

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