Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Funday???? Not so much...

You know how everyone dreads Mondays? I dread Fridays. Seriously. I told you I was strange, remember? I love Mondays, it is a fresh start to a whole new week. It holds a certain promise of things to come. Fridays on the other hand, are the exact opposite. My usual thought on Friday is "Oh, crud, I haven't gotten to this all week and I've got to get it done today!" Thus, my lack of affection for Fridays!
There are a couple of good things about Friday, though, and that the the quiet calm that falls over my office and the promise of the pending weekend. You see, college students love Fridays, and do their best not to schedule anything on Fridays, so I get a break in the action!! I usually come in on Friday mornings and fly through tasks that have been interrupted all week. Lucky me!
So, I am bring productive, and it feels so refreshing! I am getting files cleaned and organized, lists made, and tasks checked off the ever-present to-d0 list.
Top that off with a beautiful 50 degree sunny day in Kansas City, and I am a happy lady!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


You hear all your life that the most popular choices are not always the right choices. That to do what is best is often difficult. I've been experiencing that a lot lately. I have made a huge decision to move. I am looking forward to a new job, new challenges professionally, new opportunities and outlets for my creativity, being closer to my family, essentially establishing the next chapter in my life. I am excited about it, but it is also difficult. Parts of me are torn and will be for a while.
When you leave a place that you have been settled into for so long, it is hard. I have made the right choice, but in some instances, it is not the popular one. Even within my own thoughts sometimes. My brain runs 100 miles an hour, it often runs in five directions at once. One direction is the excitement, the other direction is nerves and anxiety, there is a separate direction for relationships that will be disrupted, torn, and severed.
This is a difficult time. I'm trying to finish one chapter while I'm starting another. This chapter has been long and complex and is full of memories, emotions, love, and security. I'm scared. I'm sad. I'm hurting. I'm anxious. I'm hopeful. I'm excited. I'm blessed. I'm human......