Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cakes Galore!!!

I have a new hobby!! I have wanted to learn to decorate cakes for a long time, but have always convinced myself that I was too busy to take a class or didn't have enough money for the class and supplies. So, in my new effort to take time for something I want to do - especially now that the pool is closed and its getting cold outside - I signed up for the Wilton Course I at the local JoAnn's. I signed up during their Open House preview and got a great discount on the class, and shopped around to get the best prices on the supplies, and took the plunge! Here's some of my supplies when they arrived in the mail:

The first class was just a lecture, but for this week's class we had to make our own cake and pick our design. We also had to bring a small truck load of icing with us, so I spent most of Saturday making icing, cleaning the mixer, making more icing, and then coloring it. Here's a glimpse:

(By the way - did you notice my new do-it-all handy-dandy appliance? Yes, it is a toaster/convection oven/broiler/defroster/etc. It does it all. I LOVE it - my mom and dad got it for me at the Linens-n-Things going out of business sale while they were here in August, and its the best kitchen purchase I have made in a long time!!!)

Back to for tonight's class I made up my own design of interlocked circles. Here's the finished product:

Not too bad for my first try, if I say so myself. I was a little tired by the end of the night so my border is a little lacking. I admit I have a long way to go, but I'll keep you posted on my progress. Next week in class we learn to make roses!

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  1. Bec-this is so awesome! What a great hobby! The Chambers gang is always in need of a decorated cake (I've order 3 of them for us in the last year). Now we can order them from our very own cake maker! Way to go for doing something fun for yourself. Bo and I take ceramics every now and then just for us and we love it! I'll be interested to see your roses...good luck!