Tuesday, January 27, 2009

OSU basketball team members, community remember the 10

There are events that take place that will be forever burned in you memory - you will remember where you were when it happend, how you felt, what your reactions were, the aftermath, and so much more. One event I will never forget is the OSU basketball plane crash on January 27, 2001. I was in my senior year at OSU and tutoring and mentoring men's basketball players at the time. One of my students, Daniel, was on the plane that crashed. The whole event and days surrounding were some of the most difficult times I have ever encountered. I was able to witness a university that I loved and called home come together in a beautiful showing of unity. I was able to work closely with and minister to other members of the basketball team through my academic involvement. I became a lot closer to my good friend Vic, through whom I eventually met my best friend. I learned a whole lot more about relying on God and not living only for the moment.

It has been eight years since that night, and it is still fresh in my mind and heavy on my heart at times. Today, and every day, my thoughts and prayers go out to the ones who lost their loved ones, and the many friends who were left behind hurting. Things like this change a person forever. I'm proud to be a member of the Cowboy family!!

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  1. Hey Sweetie, I sure would love to visit with you. This brought back so many memories. I just remember how quiet the whole town was for a few days. Love you!