Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Moving on Up......

Yeah, good news - I'm finally moving. I do not think I could be more excited right now! I found a really cute two bedroom house about five blocks from where I'm living now. The new house is a 'real' two bedroom (meaning the second bedroom is actually large enough to live in - more on that later). It is a lot nicer than the house I'm in now - two bedrooms, large living room, a much bigger kitchen with lots more cabinets and a dishwasher (!!!), full basement, washer and dryer included, fenced yard, the how shabang! Everything fell into place so nicely, and I have no doubts that this is what I'm supposed to be doing.
Some of the too good to be true details:
  • The girl who currently rents needed to move out because of financial issues, and wanted out asap, even though her lease was not over until March 31
  • My lease is month to month, I had already paid all of January, so I have until the end of the month to be out - meaning I can take my time moving all my stuff (and boy do I have a lot of stuff!)
  • The house comes with an almost brand new Washing Maching and Dryer. Exciting in and of itself, but what you don't know is that my own 2 year old washing machine is broken beyond (cheap) repair, and the repair man told me to just buy a new one because that would be cheaper.
  • I am able to move in starting the 17th of this month. The prorated rent is cheaper than what I would have spent on a new washing maching (with delivery and warranty).
  • The girl living there called me on Saturday as she was moving stuff out to ask if I wanted her to leave the queen sized bed in the spare bedroom.
  • There's an unfinished bedroom in hte basement that will be perfect for my many crates of clothing and shoes, but most importantly - my punching bag I've been without for the past two years!
  • The landlord is letting me sign my own lease this month instead of taking over the other young lady's rent and having to wait until April 1 to sign a lease.

Have I said that I'm excited??? I 'shopped' online all weekend for new things for the house. (Don't worry Dad - I didn't spend any money!). The good news is that I pretty much have everything I need as for decorations and furnishings, and goodness knows I can fully equip that kitchen! All I really *need* is a new shower curtain and stuff for the bathroom because mine are wearing out quickly; curtains for my room, the living room, and the little cute window in the kitchen; a few plants; and possibly a new rug for the living room and a rug for my room.

I can't wait to post before and after pictures - I'll take pictures on Saturday (the 17th) when I go sign the lease and get the keys, and I'll keep you updated on the progress. I should also post pictures of the 'old' house that I'm in now.....we'll see if I can get it cleaned up enough to be photographed!

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