Friday, January 16, 2009

Babies, Budgets, Books and Boxes

Maybe at some point in my life, I will be able to sue this title on my blog for myself - I can imagine it now, I have a baby, I have to budget, and my many tons of cute clothes and tons of books have to go into boxes to make room for baby. But, not yet. When, you may ask? Ask God - when he tells you, please get back to me. I'm wondering the same thing! You know what? Ask God about that husband part first, and let me know if he tells you anything. First things first, ya know!

Ok, so the real post. My mind is consumed this week with Babies and Budgets - but not really boxes. The real priorities should be 1 - Budgets (because its for work), 2 - Boxes (because I'm supposed to be moving tomorrow), and 3 - Babies (because I don't get to go to Texas to see the new baby for two weeks). As usual, my procrastination gene has kicked in and my priorities are all off. So, here's a couple of new pictures of Andrew and Sadie that I stole off my cousin Debra's facebook page:

This one is big sister Sadie seeing baby brother for the first time. I can only imagine the look on her face from the other direction! I wish I had been old enough to remember my brother's birth - how cool is that.

Here is Sadie holding Andrew. She is such a big girl, and from what I hear, is so proud to be a big sister. Some day I'll talk with her about all the responsibilities of having a little brother (you know, me being the expert big sister and all! haha!), but for now it looks like she's in control! For comparison, here's a picture of Sadie when she was three days old:

Look how far she's come! Now can you see why I'm totally smitten with these two? They are the closest I have to a niece and nephew and probably ever will (unless my brother changes his mind one of these days). So, I've adopted them as my niece and nephew - and I love them to pieces! They have been on my mind a lot this week - the heck with packing boxes! haha!
In other news, I have inherited a new project at work this week, which has totally made my day. I love creating and planning and budgeting and orgainzing. So, this week, my boss asked me to help with an international student exchange conference we are hosting in a few weeks. I was originally asked to help with the budgeting and loved that part of it, then yesterday I got to sit in on a planning meeting and was able to contribute many of my own ideas to the mix. I really enjoy my collegaues and am excited to be working on this project. Hopefully I'll be a success!
Finally, yes, tomorrow is the big day! I sign my lease in the morning and can start moving my stuff into my new house. I'm excited and nervous, and have seriously not done anything to prepare except call the utility companies and my current landlord! Wow, am I a procrastinator or what! So, I'm going to just put my goals out there in cyberspace so I have some sort of accountability! This weekend I plan to:
Saturday - do a walk through, decide where I want to put everything in the new house, make a list of things I need to buy (hopefully its very short!), start moving things from my closet and bathroom.
Sunday - move things from my closet room and basement.
Monday - make sure the new basement is organized, all of my bedroom and living room stuff I don't need until next weekend is moved. Spend a few hours at the office to tie up loose ends and prepare for the week.
Wish me luck - I'm not to optimistic about my productivity! haha!! On a side note, I made some oh, so, yummy red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing last night - they were oh, so, yummy! I took pictures, I'll post tomorrow (oh, wait, I'm supposed to be moving !!!). Did I mention they're yummy?!?!

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