Saturday, January 17, 2009

Moving Update

Despite being somewhat lazy this afternoon and spending an unnecessary hour at Target this afternoon, I got a lot done today. I met the landlords and property manager at 9 this morning, and they are really nice people. She kept reiterating that they want me to make a home in the house and make it feel like my own. I can paint or do basically whatever I want. She even gave me permission to rig the side fences so they are a little higher - because we all know Miss Professional Escape Artist is guaranteed to get out in 5 minutes or less! I'm hoping I can get something temporary in place for a couple of months until I can con my dad into visiting and lending his expertise!
I went back over to the house this afternoon by myself to walk through it again and decide where I'm going to put everything. I have the bedrooms and kitchen pretty much figured out, but I have no clue how I want to arrange the living room. Currently, my living room consists of a couch, tv stand, bookcases, and two dog kennels - enough seating for 2! What I really want is a chair and a half, or oversized chair to go in the living room, but I'm not in a position to obtain one right now, so I'm going to recover the cushions on a wooden chair I found at Goodwill a few years back. A couple of things I'm excited about - in addition to the ones I posted earlier - the girl who lived there before left some really cute curtain rods in the living room and my bedroom; the landlords supply yard tools including a really nice snow shovel and rake; the bedroom is bigger than I initially imagined and I don't think it will be as cluttered as my room now (yeah!!!!!).
As for my accomplishments today - I feel I did very well! I have everything out of my bathroom that I can live without for the next week; my closet is cleaned out and mostly moved; my closet room is underway; and I have a huge pile of things to take over tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty good about things. As for my list of things I need to buy, I have a feeling that will grow over the next few days! I am certainly going to need curtains at some point, a new shower curtain, a few rugs for the kitchen and to put by the front and back door, and some paint for my bedroom and possibly the second bedroom. We'll see about the painting thing - first things first! I took lots of pictures today but I'm seriously too lazy/tired to upload them tonight so I'll post them later this weekend.

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