Friday, January 23, 2009

29 Random Things About Me.....

Some of these may come as a surprise, but others the whole world probably already knows. Just thought it would be a fun post this Friday.

  1. I am suffering from a severe case of procrastination, and it scares me because I have never been this way before.
  2. I love sports - love watching them and wish that I was athletic enough to play them.
  3. IF God had made me boy instead of a girl, Iwould have wanted to be a middle line backer in the NFL.
  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE College Basketball.
  5. In refrence to #4, I love betting on basketball, and every year my Dad and I count down to March Madness in VEGAS!
  6. I want to someday have 4 children - preferably all boys.
  7. Wedding cake is my favorite food.
  8. I'm not a big fan of ice cream.
  9. I know a lot of people, but would only consider a handful of them to really be friends.
  10. I only have one really good girl-friend who lives all the way in Indiana, because I find it hard to trust other girls as friends. (I have evidence that many of them are not trustworthy - found out the hard way!)
  11. I wish I was better at the Golden Rule.
  12. I question God a lot about why I am still single, and check in with him regularly to see if he notices that I'm not getting any younger.
  13. I'm afraid turning 30 and being single with no kids will seriously depress me.
  14. If I don't go shopping at least one day of the week, I sometimes feel like I'm going to go crazy.
  15. That being said, my secret goal is to go five whole days without spending one cent.
  16. I give a lot of myself to others, and often wonder if I am selfish to hope that someday I will get back in return.
  17. Every day I feel torn about living away from my family, and sometimes feel guilty that I like being 'on my own'.
  18. I want to adopt a baby. With or without a husband.
  19. It makes me very jealous and even angry to see women who have children and not want to take care of them or not care about them.
  20. I wonder if anyone in the world is truly happy or if people just convince themselves they are.
  21. I am very concerned that I will not have a job by the middle of the summer.
  22. I compare myself to everyone.
  23. I love to cook, but never cook for just myself. If I'm alone, I eat soup, frozen pizza, or takeout.
  24. I wonder what people would think about me if they knew some of my thoughts or secrets.
  25. I am amazingly stubborn when I feel like being; especially when my feelings get hurt or someone wrongs me.
  26. I love my family with my whole heart and can not imagine what I would ever do if I lost one of them. I worry about them all the time.
  27. I have a best friend but it is a complicated relationship that no one understands, and I get really sick of trying to explain it to people.
  28. I wonder if I will ever be loved or have the opportunity to give my heart to someone.
  29. Above all else, I just want my life to be important.


  1. Hey are you? I was wondering what part of K.C. you live in...we are thinking of moving there for my husband to go to seminary. Hope you are well. I enjoy your blog =)