Monday, June 15, 2009

How Lucky Am I?

These are my parents:To sum it up: They are awesome. I am truly blessed.

I grew up in an amazing Christian household, where I knew every day how much my parents loved me and how much they loved each other. They were never they type to push me toward anything, but always provided encouragement and support for what I wanted to do. I have many fond memories of growing up. We were always a close-knit family, and went on many trips and did many things just the four of us. The amazing thing is, we are still making fun memories.
I have many qualities of each of my parents, to the point that it is difficult to tell which one I am most like. Just the same, there are activities that I enjoy with each of my parents respectively.

My mom gives the best advice, and is a great listener. She is incredibly patient, and has a huge heart. I love to go to musicals/plays with my mom, go shopping, spend time in the kitchen, get our nails done, travel/explore, and just hang out. We get to go to New York City in September just the two of us to experience the city and take in some Broadway shows. We have been talking about it for a long time, so I'm glad we're finally getting to go. We always a great time together!

My dad taught me how to play golf, and spent painstakingly long hours with me at the driving range and on the course during middle school, high school, and on into college. Not many teenage girls have the relationship with their fathers that I had with mine. Spending that much time together, you can't help but be close and find things you have in common. My dad is very business-minded, and believe it or not, I get a lot of that from him. I remember driving to my grandparents' talking about the stock market and how it worked, or the concepts behind economic supply and demand. We love to watch college basketball together, and each year we go to Vegas to watch the opening rounds of the tournament. Fun times!

When I had my surgery, my parents came up to take care of me in shifts. My dad was here for the actual surgery and the hospital stay. Bless his heart - I think he got the worst shift. I was crabby in the hospital, and wasn't very entertaining because I was so drugged. On top of that, he had to do a whole lot of sitting and waiting. Boring! He also had to navigate Kansas City on his own (well, with help from Tom Tom), but apparently he did very well! He also did a great job of taking care of me. He also mowed my yard, did some laundry, tried to fix my un-fixable sink, and bought me new tires! He's the greatest! My mom came once I got home. I'm sure her shift was still boring, but at least it was in the comfort of home and not the hospital! She cleaned my house, did my laundry, reminded me to eat, drink, and walk, made meals for Randall so I didn't have to think about food for a few weeks, and listened to me complain!

My dad was fortunate enough to retire a couple of years ago after working a job he didn't really love for many years. In his first year of retirement, he and my brother fixed up the house and made most of the improvements to it that my parents had been wanting to do. (I say "most" because I am still holding out for the pool! hint - hint) Then he got involved in Real Estate Investing. It has been so much fun to watch and listen to him get involved in something that he is passionate about and really enjoys. It's inspiring, and he certainly deserves it!

My mom retired two weeks ago after teaching forever. Well, not forever, but longer than I have been alive. She was a wonderful teacher, and has touched so many lives over the years. I have no doubt that she will continue to be involved in education in some way during her retirement.

My parents leave for Hawaii in a couple of days, and I do have to say, I am insanely jealous. However, after all of their years of hard work, sacrifices, and putting up with me and my brother, I have to say, they certainly deserve this trip! I could not be more excited for them, as this really marks the beginning of their retired years!

Mom and Dad, I love you both so much, and can not begin to thank you for the love and support you have given me over the years. I am so happy for you that you are able to retire at such young ages and that you will truly be able to enjoy being retired. I hope you have a great trip, and here's to many more (and a few of which I think I need to be included on!).



  1. Well, you certainly made your momma cry! I love you soooooooooooooooo much babe!!

  2. Your parents appear to be so precious! Loved your tribute to them.