Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Doctor visit? What doctor visit?

Due to some very frustrating and disheartening mistake, my doctor's appointment that was on my calendar for today is actually not until Thursday! UGH! I was (and still am) SO frustrated! My ride dropped me off at the doctor's office (remember, no driving!), and wouldn't be back for 2 hours. After sitting in the waiting room for about 15 minutes, the nurse came out and told me there had been a mix-up. She could tell I was frustrated. She said she would not release me to go back to work tomorrow as (I had) planned, but that since I am not on pain medication I can drive. Praise God! I am no longer house-bound!!! Yeah!
So, that left an hour and forty-five minutes before my ride returned. Luckily, the Plaza isn't too far from the hospital, so being the now avid walker that I am (?????), I decided I would walk down there and go to Starbucks. Now, normally I am not a fan of the yuppie establishment. Today, I didn't have a lot of choices - it was too early for any of the other restaurants to be open, and who really wants to go to a restaurant where you can't eat anything anyway? Fortunately I had packed a book and my ever-trusty black planning notebook, so I was good to go. When I got to Starbucks (after falling in the middle of the plaza - New Shox = slippery soles; Drizzly morning = slick sidewalks; Slippery shoe soles + Slick sidewalks = bruise on Bec's knee and wet seat of jeans) I had to think hard how to order. I can't have milk, I can't have sugar, and I can't have caffeine. I used to be a Diet Coke person. It is SO much easier to order a Route 44 Diet Coke than a Tall Skinny Vanilla Decaf Soy Latte. Or something like that. Once I got through that mouthful, I realized they had oatmeal. Oh, happy day!!!!!!! So, I got an oatmeal, and ate almost all of it. I was so excited! You can get brown sugar, dried fruit, or nuts on top. Oh, how I wished I could have added any of those. Instead, I added cinnamon and splenda, and let me tell you, it tasted like heaven! After a frustrating morning, at least I found a bright light. I thought I might eat and read for a little while (because eating 3 oz of oatmeal takes me a good 30 minutes), and then walk around and browse the shops. I love walking around the Plaza, I rarely spend any money, but I love the shops. However, as if to rain on my parade more, it started to.....RAIN. It had been overcast and drizzly before, but all of a sudden I saw lightening and then the whole coffee shop shook with the thunder, and then down came the Rain. Wow, but it was really pretty, and I was glad to be holed up in a cozy coffee shop. Although they could have turned on the fireplace, after all it was only 65 outside. After about an hour it let up, so I decided to venture out. I was a block over from my favorite non-clothes store of all time - Williams Sonoma (ahhhhh), but on the way I ran into a new store - Zoom. It was the coolest children's store of all time (well, maybe not of all time, but it was cool!). They had all kids of puppets and games and books and stuffed animals and princess dress up stuff and ever farm animal figurine you could think of. I kept think Sadie would be in heaven! I could have spent thousands of dollars in there for the beautiful kiddos in my life (who are not my own but I would steal in one second!)! Instead, right as I was starting to amass a small pile of purchases, my ride called and was on the way. So, that ended my biggest adventure in the past two weeks following my surgery. Wow, my life has become so boring, huh?!?

I have read three and half books, watched numerous tv shows, gotten hooked on Rachel Ray (whom I LOVE now and want to cook all of her recipes except I can't eat any of them yet!), watched at least three movies (Benjamin Button, He's Just Not That Into You, and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2), and taken numerous walks.
Today, however, I am going to have to get work done. My house needs cleaning, and I have TONS of work that I can do from home, so I need to get to it.

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  1. I love Zoom, too! A great gift store! And Rachel Ray has been my top favorite for several years now! I have 2 of her skillets and a set of her cooking utensils...would love to have her big oval skillet she's always using on her stovetop. So glad you are feeling better! As for the drinking enough water thing...I struggle with that too. I'm not sure what your restricted/accepted foods are, but for me, it helps to add a slice of fresh fruit to my water (like lime or orange, and sometimes I do strawberries). It helps to change the taste up a bit and I seem to drink more that way. Hope that helps some, Jo