Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I haven't forgotten about you....

I have not forgotten to blog - I just only remember at 1am when I am trying to make myself fall asleep. Many things have been going on in my world.
  • I spent a week in Texas with my family (one of the best weeks - ever!)
  • I've been working on summer projects at work (whoever thinks summer is 'easy' for educators has obviously never done it)
  • I started the Couch-to-5K training program, and signed up for a 5K in August, and am going to sign up for one in September and October as well
  • I had my 6 week check-up with the surgeon
  • I made and iced 50 cookies for a wedding shower at work today
  • I have been spending my 'free' time contemplating the future of my career

See....I've been busy! I'll blog about all of it very soon....very soon. Maybe even tonight. We'll see! Until then, check out my new ticker at the top! Things are progressing very well in the weight department.


  1. Sure thought you had forgotten all about this blog while you were busy losing weight! Have I told you lately how proud I am of you!!

  2. I am an almost 27 year old teacher and still single as well. It is so hard to know what decisions to make and where to go. I just stumbled upon your blog from Kelly's. Hope you have an excellent week!

  3. Hi there- I read your comment on Laurie's blog and your story sounds JUST like my story. I just want to encourage you that at 35, I got married to the love of my life and now have 3 precious children- ages 5, 3 and 18 months. In fact, I got pregnant on my honeymoon! And let me tell you something else- I didn't have to be skinny- which I always believed I'd have to be to find love. I struggle with weight as it appears from the top of your blog you do as well. My husband loves me just the way I am even when I don't love myself. And while I wouldn't have chosen to wait 'til 35 to get married, God's timing was perfect. He was using that time to make me ready to be a wife and mom to my precious family. Please be encouraged- God sees you and He knows the plans He has for you!