Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring is FINALLY here!

After months and months of wondering if spring was ever going to get here, I can safely say - it has arrived....with a vengeance! Once the daffodils and tulips bloomed, the fountains were turned back on, and the leaves started growing on trees I had hope that there would indeed be a spring in Kansas City this year....however, it was not until I could not watch TV Saturday night because Brian Busby and Katie Horner interrupted all the shows to 'warn' us of impending tornadoes that I knew it was official - Welcome, Spring - oh, how I have longed for you!
I did yard work Saturday morning, including mowing my back yard which probably hadn't been mowed in 2 years. It took forever! Half of the yard is thick, the other half has no grass. Luckily someone left an old-fashioned push mower in the garage, so I was able to use it to hack through a lot of the growth and then use my modern day mower (thank you to whoever invented them) to finish it off. A couple of weeks ago I put down fertilizer and some grass seed, so I was pretty excited to notice some new growth starting in the places where the previous tenant decided not to rake the leaves, thus leaving huge patches of dead grass/weeds. Fun times!

In other news, I am no longer a fan of doctor's offices and insurance companies. I mean, who is, really? I received an email last Monday from the doctor's office that my pre-authorization information had been sent to the insurance company. I checked my online account every day last week (sometimes twice a day) to see if the authorization had been received and assigned a number, and it never showed up. This morning I called Coventry and after speaking to three different departments, they swear they have not received anything. So, I emailed the doctor's office and asked them to please fax it again. Ugh!!!! I would like to point out to America that I have a full-time job already, and I do not enjoy spending part of my day making sure other people have done their job! Ok, I'm over my tantrum. Here's hoping I hear something this week.....

More updates will come soon (I'm supposed to be working - you know, the full-time job thing?!?!)

Quote for today: "Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent. Ambrose Bierce"


  1. thanks for the comment Becca! i'll be in touch with you...what part of K.C. do you live in?

  2. my guess is that the insurance company already rec. the paper work, but they are hoping they can stall you...