Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dr check-up and Weekend Fun

Ok...I'll admit, this is a little (or a lot) overdue. I had my 3 month check up with the surgeon on the 20th of August. As you hopefully guessed, no news is good news!

I was down 47 pounds at the appointment, and all my other vitals looked great. The surgeon was pleased with how my scars had healed up (most of them are not very noticeable). The dietitian was pleased with my eating habits and how much protein I was managing to get every day. She did urge me to continue to try new things, even though it is hard for me to branch out sometimes. The exercise physiologist was very pleased that I had completed a 5K and that I was walking and jogging so much. The psychologist was pleased with my 'mental state'. So, overall I would say it was a good visit!

Prior to my 3 month, and in the month since that visit, I have really been feeling great. I have a lot more energy, and have actually been enjoying my workouts! It's fun to be actually seeing results. I am finally to the stage where my clothes are getting too big, so I spent a lot of time the past two weeks going through old clothes. I had eight boxes of clothes in the garage that were all too small, but I didn't want to get rid of. You know me - they were organized by sizes! haha! So, I pulled out three boxes a couple of weeks ago, and I have gone through them and sorted them into three piles - 1. clothes to put in the closet; 2. clothes to give away (too big or don't like them anymore); 3. clothes that are still a little too snug. Of the three piles, group #1 was by far the largest! So large in fact that I didn't have anywhere to put all of my clothes! I went to Goodwill this weekend to search for jeans (3 pair for $4.50 each!) and found a small dresser for $15 as well. It was so ugly - yellow and blue - but the price was right! After contemplating, I went back and got the dresser, brought it home and painted it, and now I have a home for some of my clothes - and it looks great in my room! Yeah!

In other news....I had a crazy busy weekend. Story of my life! We had football practice Friday night, and Jaylen came home with me after practice. We came home to a flooded basement - I was not pleased! I hadn't done laundry for over two weeks, and that was my main plan for the weekend. After cleaning out the water with my trusty shop vac, and pouring professional strength drano down the drain, I hoped things were taken care of. However, Saturday afternoon it flooded again! UGH! A quick call to the landlord later and Roto-Rooter was scheduled to come out. Luckily it didn't take him too long to fix it on Sunday - but that meant I had to go to the Laundromat to get my laundry done! Not my plan for the weekend.
Highlights of the weekend, however, were: spending time at City Market with my friends Liz and Aaron. I stocked up on spices, sauce mixes, and potatoes, and picked up a pound of bison patties to try. We also visited the bike shop, browsed the art fair, and perused the antique store. I don't get to do a lot of stuff with friends, so I had a blast with Liz and Aaron! Then it was back home to cook 'breakfast' and off to football. The 4th graders won! It was a good game, and the weather was perfect for football. The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, and preparing for the busy week ahead!

I'm excited that fall is here - the trees are turning, and it is a beautiful time in KC! Have a great week!

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