Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Texas Trip

I went to Texas last weekend to enjoy some time with my family. I originally scheduled the trip because I was homesick, and didn't plan much for the weekend. However, as the trip approached, my dance card quickly filled up! I arrived on Thursday afternoon, and my cousin and her adorable kids picked me up at the airport. We spent a fun afternoon and evening at their house, and I even had a pajama party with Sadie. (Let me clarify - pajama party in this sense meant me sleeping on 1/3 of the bed while Sadie slept on the other 2/3!!! However, I wouldn't have traded it for the world!). Friday Morning, we got up bright and early and headed to meet my mom for a fun-filled day at the Dallas Arboretum's Fall Festival.

Here are two of my favorite pictures of Sadie and Andrew from the fall festival. They had pumpkins everywhere!!!

Andrew really was having fun - and I think this picture is adorable - but he was a little hungry at this point!!
This is Denise, Sadie, and me on the edge of the hay-bale maze.

Relaxing and playing on the lawn after our picnic lunch. The weather was beautiful.

The 'girls'! Sadie, my mom, Denise, and me. We have a good shot of me and Denise, but it's on her camera...

Me & Sadie Posing! Isn't she beautiful?

Me and Denise - gotta love the wind-blown look!

After a fun filled day, we met back up with dad and Christopher and helped them unload the truck of tea supplies into the warehouse. Then it was off to Outback for some much-needed steak. This is a picture my mom took of me & my brother.
Saturday morning, my mom, Aunt Sharon, Denise, and I went to Northpark Mall in Dallas to participate in the Dallas County Race for the Cure. My mom and I had planned on walking it, and I asked my aunt and cousin to participate as well. I was so excited that they decided to join us. There were 35,000 people there, and it was crazy packed! I had set a goal for myself of 45 minutes, and I reached my goal! I was so excited, but aside from that, I was so proud of my aunt. She has gone from having trouble walking a year ago, to completing the 5K! It made my day to see her out there, and it meant a lot to me to share the day with three women I love and admire so much.

Me & Aunt Sharon post-race (all nice and sweaty!)

The crew pre-race - notice the long sleeves - they weren't on very long!

The crew post-race. We did it! I do have to say, after participating in the Race for the Cure in both Dallas and Kansas City that both events were well organized, and overwhelming. I am proud to have been a part of them both.

After the race we had a great breakfast together, then parted ways for a few hours. That night, we had everyone over at my parent's house for dinner and games. (Everyone except Uncle Andy who had a lot of dental work done a couple of days before that - he was definitely missed!)

Playing in the floor with sweet Andrew. I'm pretty smitten with him! It was hard to believe that when I saw him in July he wasn't sitting up at all. They change so fast!!!

Sunday we went to Hillsboro to see my Aunt Tena & Uncle Steve and my cousin Courtney, her husband Cody, and their two adorable boys Brayden and Dawson. Brayden kept us entertained to say the least! He is such a bundle of energy but is one of the sweetest boys. Dawson was born the Friday before my birthday, making him 8 weeks old. I got to spend a lot of time cuddling with him and feeding him. It melted my heart!
It was great visiting with them, and I must say I'm so proud of Court and her family. She's a great mom, and I know Dawson is going to be as incredible as his big brother!

Monday I visited the famous Val for a much needed haircut! After that, it was 'family day' with just the four of us, including taking inventory in the tea warehouse and playing games. I'm really excited for my dad as he continues to branch out and find businesses and ventures he enjoys. I have no doubt that Tropical Tea Co will be a huge success. (Check it out - tropicalteaco.com)
All too soon it was time to head to the airport to return to reality!
It has been a short week, but a rough week since I returned.
Lots of things going on in Kansas City!

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